Baptism is about celebration, thanksgiving and welcome.


We celebrate the person to be baptised.


We give thanks for their life and for all that God gives them and us.


We welcome them into the family of the Church, both worldwide and locally.



Baptism is about promises.


God promises to:


  • Hold the person being baptised in his love and care.

  • Constantly pour love upon them.

  • Offer them forgiveness and healing when ever they seek it.


We promise to:


  • Help the person being baptised to grow within the Christian faith.

  • Pray for them and walk beside them on their Christian journey.


If the person to be baptised is old enough, they promise to:


  • Try always to live their life in the light of Jesus’ teaching and example.

  • Worship and pray to God regularly. 

  • Allow God to develop their faith.


Baptism is about symbols


The water of baptism is:


  • A symbol of new birth into life with Christ.

  • A visible sign of God’s love pouring down upon the person being baptised.

  • A visible sign of God’s forgiveness, for mistakes made or yet to be made.


The sign of the cross is:


  • A symbol of the Holy Spirit guiding and strengthening the person baptised.

  • A symbol that the person being baptised belongs to God.


The lighted candle is:


  • A reminder that God’s light overcomes every darkness

  • A reminder that God’s love and light shines out of the person being baptised among their families and friends, and into the world .


Baptism is a milestone on an unfolding journey with God into a richer, deeper way of living.




For a child’s baptism a minimum of three Godparents are required. They should be baptised and must be of a responsible age to make the promises required by them.Adults do not require Godparents but may choose to have sponsors.




Fees There is no charge for this service, but you are asked to make a donation towards the up keep of the church.


Baptism Preperation


Baptism PreparationWe will contact you to arrange a visit and discuss your request for Baptism.


We will ask you some questions and during this visit there will be paperwork to fill out for the Parish Registers and Baptism Cards.



If you think you would like to discuss Baptism, please contact the Vicar who will arrange to meet with you and discuss everything in a relaxed and friendly way.


Please remember not to book anything until we have confirmed the date with you.




The Reverend Mandy Brown

Holy Trinity Vicarage

69 Havers Lane

Bishop’s Stortford

CM23 3PA

01279 658982